Frequently Asked Questions

Short Back & Sidewalks is a not-for-profit organisation giving haircuts free of charge and free of judgement to people experiencing financial stress or homelessness. We create positive connections with community members in need to build a stronger and more inclusive community.

We were established in 2015 and until very recently have been run entirely by volunteers. Our organisation was founded by Craig Hollywood – an Australian of the Year WA Local Hero winner in 2022. We work alongside service providers, providing friendly and attentive hair-cutting experiences with some of Australia’s best hairdressers and barbers who volunteer their time. Short Back & Sidewalks currently operates in Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. We are about to expand our services into regional WA.

Our service goes beyond just giving free haircuts; we create meaningful connections through conversations with clients. Over the last 9 years, we have given over 7,000 free haircuts and have had over 17,000 hours of positive
connection across Australia.

Further information:

Most other shopping centre groups are purely run as commercial entities, focused on the transactional nature of retail and driven by a return to investors. Hawaiian centres are different.

For 30 years, Hawaiian has enriched the lives of West Australians to create healthy, happy and thriving communities. At the core of this lies the mental health and wellbeing of the people in our neighbourhoods.

Hawaiian is excited to be partnering with Short Back & Sidewalks, and several Hawaiian salons and barbers, to deliver 100 haircuts, free of charge, in an Australian first pilot study to those who are experiencing financial distress and disadvantage.

At Hawaiian, we are big believers of giving back to the community and by working together, we can achieve amazing things to benefit others.

Further information:

The in-salon project by Short Back & Sidewalks, generously supported by Hawaiian property group, will provide free in-salon services to people experiencing financial stress who present at participating salons with a voucher. The pilot project will initially run for six (6) weeks – from 16 October to 26 November. Hawaiian will cover the cost of 100 haircuts to be provided by salons in Mount Hawthorn, Forrestfield, Duncraig, Hillarys and Noranda. Please see information at the end of this document for a list of locations and services available.

The value of a good haircut to our well-being cannot be overestimated. “A good look” makes us feel great and builds our self-esteem. In our society, hair care and grooming is an essential human need that most people take for granted and can afford.

Traditionally, Short Back & Sidewalks has provided our services to people experiencing homelessness through relevant service providers. However, with the increasing number of people (more than 3.24 million) living below the poverty line or experiencing financial stress as a result of the cost-of-living crisis, we are embarking on a pilot project to deliver free haircuts in salons for people for whom a salon haircut service may currently be out of reach.

The purpose of this pilot project is to ascertain the potential for established hair salons to provide free haircuts to those members of our community who can’t afford them. This pilot project has been generously supported by Hawaiian who own and manage ten neighbourhood shopping centres across the Perth metropolitan area.

Short Back & Sidewalks and Hawaiian would like to see this program become an ongoing service for people experiencing financial stress. Our hope is that it will be adopted by additional salons and eventually be rolled out to other states and into regional areas

  • Salon Express – Hawaiian’s Mezz, 148 Scarborough Beach Road, Mt Hawthorn
  • Bellucci Hair – Hawaiian’s Forrestfield, 20 Strelitzia Ave, Forrestfield
  • Rad Cuts (Barber) – Hawaiian’s Forrestfield, 20 Strelitzia Ave, Forrestfield
  • Joe ‘n’ Co. (Barber) – Duncraig by Hawaiian, 50 Marri Road, Duncraig
  • GoodFellas Barber – Hillarys by Hawaiian, 110 Flinders Ave, Hillarys
  • Quickcut – Hawaiian’s Noranda, Benara Road, Noranda

A haircut, treatment, wash, blow-dry or barber service. Please see information at the end of this document for a list of locations and services available.

Any additional services that are not covered by the value of the voucher will need to be paid by you.

While we hope that you might use the service for yourself, there may also be someone in your family who needs it, such as dependent children or family members. Therefore the voucher is valid for you and your immediate family.

The voucher will be valid for use only during the 6 week pilot project period being 16 October to 26 November, 2023.

Absolutely! At most, the salon may ask for your name and a phone number or email address if taking a booking for your service. This personal information will not be shared with Short Back & Sidewalks, Hawaiian or anyone else. If you would like to provide anonymous feedback regarding this pilot program, we’d love to hear from you, but this is optional and you are under no obligation to.

Please get in touch with the service provider who provided you with the voucher.